Taking care of yourself so you can enjoy the journey.


Cruising isn't all umbrella drinks and sun-drenched sandy beaches.

It's anchoring and up-anchoring. It's staying in the perfect anchorage long after the fresh provisions have run out. It's hiking to the top of the nearest peak, or bushwhacking through jungle wilds. It's boat maintenance in all kinds of places. It's searching for the last can of tomatoes while upside down in a tiny locker. It's provisioning for 30 days at sea. It's setting off for ocean passages. It's entertaining friends.

And yes, it can be umbrella drinks and sun-drenched sandy beaches.

There are highs and lows when cruising. Make it all better by being fit to sail.

My story


Strength allows you to do so much.

wellness is Key

Cruising, like life, takes strength. You spend time and money getting your boat ready to go. Your wellness will have as much to do with your enjoyment of the cruise as any boat work.

About Nica

It's about teamwork.

Cruising is preparation

Preparation means planning, understanding, and doing work that needs to be done in the right order. Sure, we all make mistakes, but understanding how to prep is a skill that will stand you in great stead when you're cruising. On land, food prep seems to mean spending all day Sunday cooking for the week. On board, food prep starts way before then. 

It's not about cookbooks or special gadgets (though those are fun!)

Cooking is about your attitude.

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