Fitness on board poses special challenges. Space is often limited, both for the exercise itself and the gear you might need. If you're on passage, the movement of the boat makes balance tough. Working out on deck when people are down below will give new meaning to the term "herd of galloping elephants." 

That said, fitness on board is not only possible, it's critical. Work with me now!

Fitness is way more than muscles, and it has nothing to do with what size jeans you wear. When I am fit, I can haul sails. Balance myself on the deck of a heeling boat. Go digging in impossibly small lockers to find that elusive can of tomatoes. When I am fit, I can stand night watches of 3 hours, night after night. 

When I'm fit, I feel great. I'm happier, nicer, more patient. I sleep better. Laugh more. 

I can get way more out of this cruising lifestyle than ever.

I'm an NASM-certified personal trainer who's got a passion for food.

Most of my tools are DVD-based workouts like Insanity and P90X, 21 Day Fix and Hammer and Chisel. I can do them at home before I leave to go sailing, and I can do them on board. Do I use them exclusively? No. I've also created personalized workout programs for cruisers that work with what they need. There are times when a set of circuits around the deck, lifting and pushup-ing and core work-ing and high knees is what is called for. 

Fitness is not a one-size fits all answer. What's going to work best for you depends on you. Your goals. Your lifestyle. Your reasons for working on your wellness and fitness. Having an accountability partner can make a huge difference in you reaching your goals.

That's where I come in. I will help you articulate your goals, set reasonable ways to reach them, and cheer you on (sometimes with tough love) along the way.

Sure, you can google and shop Amazon with a one-click, or put together your own routine.

But you won't have me on your foredeck, helping and supporting you all the way. 

You CAN fitness singlehanded.

Wouldn't you rather have someone in the boat with you?

Contact me now!


My Mission

I want to help you find what you can say YES to in terms of your health and fitness. 

Because any destination starts with unfurling your sail.

I have really enjoyed the week. I can’t believe how good I feel today! Even though I was working out three or four days a week somehow the difference of really pushing myself and working out more consistently seems to of made a huge difference. Also loving the beach body on-demand. So many options to match what I need that day.
— Stephanie, challenger

some of What's possible

  • Lost 40 lbs and kept it off for 4 years
  • Gone from saying "never" to P90X to completing the entire program
  • Inspired my parents to do "this workout thing" at home
  • Gotten my teenagers to workout with me.
  • Run daily workouts on vacation in Vermont and the Bahamas, Santa Fe and Charleston
  • Helped over 500 people through workout programs
  • #gasstationworkouts 
  • Invited people to join me in airport workouts
  • Set up successful wellness challenges in 2 different workplaces
  • Shown people you can indeed workout ANYWHERE