Food on board is a heady topic.

(and yes. You even have to eat on a sailboat. Sorry if you thought otherwise.) 

Eating is a minefield these days. Everywhere you turn around there's a new diet you're supposed to follow. Paleo. Vegan. Whole30. Ovo-lacto vegetarian. Pescatarian. Purple foods only. Intermittent fasting. Bulletproof everything.

Atkins.Cabbagesoup.Cayennepeppercleanse.Taco.7daystohalfyourweight (okay, I made that last one up.)

It's enough to make you crazy.

The thing is, when you're sailing, a lot of the time you are eating from what you have on board. You aren't close enough to a grocery store to run in for that one ingredient you need. Or it's raining. Or the dinghy engine is in 100 pieces on the cockpit floor. Or you're out of money for the month.

How do you eat on board? Simple, really. Work with me now!

You learn to cook by the seat of your pants. You learn what you like, and you stock what you like so you always have it on hand. You get really good at substituting. You learn to revel in the adventure and treasure hunt that is the local grocery store.

My weekly food videos are all about teaching you to think simple and possible. Stay tuned for a 10-module "learn to cook" course that is based on templates, coming in early 2018 if not before. (want to be first to hear about it? Click here to be added to the list!) I don't believe in diets. I believe in EATING. Find a way of healthy eating that fits your lifestyle. It's hard to "cheat" on your lifestyle, and way more enjoyable. Why eat in a way that you can't wait to be done with?

One of the things I've learned over the years is that portion control is key. Get yourself into the habit before you head off to sea, and those habits will stay with you. The 21 Day Fix food plan is pretty brilliant at teaching this concept. You learn about ratios and kinds of foods to eat in what proportions, and you get a very solid understanding of portions. Do you NEED the Fix to learn to eat well? No. But for most people, it's a fabulous tool. When I go sailing, I want the right sails for my boat. Building wellness? That's a great sail for the boat of you.

Sometimes, when you're sailing and not able to get to fresh food as often as you like, vitamins and nutrients get a little on the thin side. About the only non-homemade food I ingest on a regular basis is Shakeology. This nutrition-dense shake has been a part of my daily routine for the past 4 years. I reluctantly started drinking it as a way to jump-start my weight loss. I've been the same weight for the 3 years, and I still drink it every day. I drink it for the deliciousness. For the easy breakfast. For the energy and sense of well-being. For my better sleep. For my (ahem) regularity. My husband pointed out the other day that I haven't really been sick in 3 years.* Is it the magic pill for everything? No. Nothing is. Is it a critical part of my overall nutrition? Absolutely. And I will definitely have it with me when we set off again.


One of my favorite summer recipes - tropical strawberry with extra berries, ice, and water. Blend and go!

*Shakeology has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Shakeology for the win!

sneak vegetables in where you can

Swapping in vegetable "noodles" instead of pasta is a great way to up the nutrient quotient of any meal. You do need a spiralizer, a specialized kitchen tool, to do this. Try to spiralize fruits and other veggies for a super fun presentation that the kids will adore! Cooking these "noodles" for about 30 seconds will give zucchini the texture of al dente spaghetti. Yum!

Zucchini noodles

fast and delicious veggies

About the easiest way I know of to cook veggies is to roast them. Cut them into pieces, toss with salt and pepper and olive oil, and roast at 400 for 20 minutes or until just cooked through and beginning to turn brown on the edges. It brings out the natural sweetness and is SO EASY. Try it!

Roasted broccoli

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