Wellness On Board - it's a revolution

Wellness is everything.

Wellness is everything.


It all started when...

I realized there are a lot of women out there who are preparing to head off cruising, and there are a ton of questions related to wellness (fitness and food) on board. It's easy to sit where I do, 2 successful cruises under my belt, and forget about the very real worries and challenges ahead.

Everyone knows you need to get the boat ready to go.

The revolution comes from realizing you need to get YOU ready to go.

I realized we need a revolution. (Merriam-Webster definition #2: "a sudden, radical, or complete change.") A revolution of taking care of ourselves, of taking care of others, of feeling great in our bodies. The sailing lifestyle is one where you take control. Let's add wellness to that revolution. It's time for a REVOLUTION!

Send me a message and let's start the conversation.

Revolutionaries welcome.